uҖ : Wilmar Martinez, Jun Imaoka,
Masayoshi Yamamoto, Kazuhiro Umetani
u : Parasitic Resistance Analysis in a Novel High Step-Up Interleaved Converter for Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Abstract : In order to downsize the storage unit of Hybrid Electric Vehicles, a novel high step-up interleaved boost converter has been proposed. This converter is suitable for automotive applications due to its expected high power density performance and high voltage gain. However, the actual voltage gain may be significantly lowered by parasitic resistance because the input current tends to be large at high step-up operation and therefore the voltage drop at the resistance may not be ignorable. This paper analyzed the effect of parasitic resistance on the voltage gain and evaluated the result experimentally. Consequently, it is found that parasitic resistance affects the voltage gain largely as N increases and particularly when the duty cycle is larger than 0.5.